Frequently Asked Questions

Which Student Loan Service providers do you work with? 

Currently we are making payments on behalf of students to Great Lakes, PHEAA, FedLoan Servicing, Nelnet, and Navient, however we expect and are open to continuing our collaborations with other loan service providers moving forward.

Do I have to buy a TeeShirt to be eligible to receive student loan relief?


How can I apply to receive student loans relief?

Use the provided link here.

What is the process to get my student loans repaid? 

Upon the submittal of your application it will be reviewed by our Review Board within 45-days. If your application is selected you will receive a follow email with instructions asking you to provide the corresponding information for your service loan provider. After we verify your information, one of our Account Managers will call your service loan provider to make a payment or mail a check in on your behalf. 

Can I reapply if my application was not selected?

If your application is not selected, you are free to reapply every 90-days. 

How do you decide which graduates get their student loans repaid?

We select applicants which applicants receive student loan relief based on the quality of their answers to our Student Loan Relief Application. 

How will I know if I am selected? 

You will receive a follow up email regarding the status of your application whether or not you have been selected within 60-days of your submission. 

How much of my student loans will you repay if I am selected?

Each case is different, however we pledge to pay no less than $400 of your total student loan amount if you are selected. 

When are payments made? 

Student loan relief payments are made once per quarter. i.e. January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st. 


Will I need to give you sensitive information in order to qualify for loan repayment? 

Only after you have been selected to receive student loan relief will you be asked for certain information such as your Student Loan Account Number, Date of Birth, and correct Mailing Address or Phone Number on file. 

Why do you repay random people's student loans? 

As an organization we believe that it is our civic duty and corporate responsibility to look after our community, which in this case is the American people. As former student loan bearers and college graduates, we understand how crippling those monthly payments can be and we take pride in being a socially philanthropic organization. Through our efforts, we hope to inspire other companies and entrepreneurs to consider implementing similar programs that can aid the economic development of our country's citizens.